Nimmanhaemin: 5 Must-Visit Spots in Chiang Mai’s Trendy District

Nimmanhaemin, often referred to as Nimman, is a vibrant and trendy area in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Known for its mix of traditional and contemporary structures, the area has become a popular destination among locals and tourists alike thanks to its lively atmosphere, unique shops, and cafes.

The neighborhood offers a diverse selection of restaurants, art galleries, and boutique shops. Visitors can explore the colorful streets and indulge in the distinct flavors that Nimmanhaemin has to offer. From savoring delicious Thai street food to shopping for one-of-a-kind souvenirs, Nimman is an excellent destination for anyone visiting Chiang Mai.

In addition to its thriving culinary and shopping scene, Nimmanhaemin is also home to several noteworthy historical and cultural attractions. The area’s blend of modernity and tradition gives visitors a unique insight into Chiang Mai’s evolving identity, making it an essential stop on any traveler’s itinerary.

History and Origin

Nimmanhaemin, also known as Nimman, is a prominent and trendy street located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The name “Nimmanhaemin” originates from the combination of two words: “Nimman”, which means steady, and “Haemin”, which means a pathway.

Originally, Nimmanhaemin was established as a residential area for the workers of the nearby university. Over time, the area transformed into a thriving hub for numerous cafes, shops, restaurants, and art galleries, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Nimmanhaemin experienced a boom in development due to an increase in tourism and the rising popularity of Chiang Mai as a creative city. As a result, the neighborhood became a melting pot for a diverse community of artists, entrepreneurs, and expatriates.

Nowadays, Nimman is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and modern, yet laid-back vibe. The area is the perfect place to explore, offering a unique blend of cultural experiences and contemporary attractions.

Popular Attractions

One Nimman, an upscale shopping and dining complex, offers a range of high-quality goods and a lively atmosphere. This area is a must-visit for those who appreciate art, as it often hosts various art-related events.

Visitors interested in local crafts should explore Wualai Walking Street, a popular weekend market with stalls selling handmade products such as silverware, jewelry, textiles, and tasty local dishes.

  • Art in Paradise: This 3D art museum is an exceptional place to capture fun and interactive photos. Featuring over 130 three-dimensional paintings, Art in Paradise is suitable for visitors of all ages.
  • MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center: This modern shopping mall offers a variety of international and Thai stores and restaurants, a cinema, a grocery store, and even a rooftop bar.

For those interested in exploring local temples, Wat Suan Dok and Wat Umong are located nearby Nimmanhaemin. Both temples have impressive history and architecture that will fascinate visitors.

AttractionTypeDistance from Nimmanhaemin
One NimmanShopping & Dining0.5km
Wualai Walking StreetLocal Market3.0km
Art in ParadiseMuseum5.0km
MAYA Lifestyle Shopping CenterShopping & Dining0.7km
Wat Suan DokTemple2.2km
Wat UmongTemple4.1km

Cafes and Restaurants

Nimmanhaemin, also known as Nimman, is a vibrant area in Chiang Mai packed with cafes and restaurants that cater to various tastes and preferences. From local Thai cuisine to international dishes, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your cravings.

Some popular cafes in the area include:

  • Rustic & Blue – known for its farm-to-table dishes and creative drinks.
  • Graph Café – a specialty coffee shop with a vintage atmosphere.
  • SS1254372 Café – a trendy spot offering unique drinks and a cozy ambiance.

For food enthusiasts, there’s a wide array of restaurants to choose from, such as:

  • Why Not? – for an authentic Italian dining experience.
  • Lab Kai Nimman – offering delicious and traditional Thai street food.
  • Anchan Vegetarian – a beloved vegetarian restaurant with flavorful dishes.

For travelers seeking Asian fusion cuisine, there are a number of excellent options:

  • Beast Burger – featuring unique burger creations with Asian-inspired flavors.
  • Ugo Restaurant & Thai Craft Beer Bar – an ideal spot for local Thai food and craft beer pairings.

These cafes and restaurants offer not only delicious food and drinks but also an unforgettable atmosphere that adds to the Nimmanhaemin experience.

Art and Culture

Nimmanhaemin, often referred to as “Nimman,” is a trendy neighborhood in Chiang Mai that boasts a vibrant art and culture scene. A haven for artists, designers, and creatives, the area is home to several art galleries, studios, and boutique shops.

Visit the Gallery Seescape, an innovative art space that showcases contemporary Thai and international artists. This gallery not only hosts exhibits but also serves as a hub for art workshops and social gatherings. Another must-visit destination for art enthusiasts is the Art in Paradise Chiang Mai 3D Museum. Here, you can explore interactive three-dimensional artworks that provide fun photo opportunities for the entire family.

There’s no shortage of colorful street art and murals in Nimmanhaemin for those who appreciate urban art. The vibrant art community spills out into the streets, and a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood will lead you to striking works of graffiti, murals, and installations, adding both color and commentary to the public spaces.

Experience the uniqueness of the local creative scene while shopping at the area’s boutique stores. Handmade crafts, clothing, and artisanal goods can be found at shops like CAMP, WOO, and NAP, where you can support local designers and purchase one-of-a-kind Chiang Mai mementos.

Last but not least, immerse yourself in the rich culture of the region by attending traditional Thai dance or music shows often performed at various venues in Nimmanhaemin. These captivating performances are a perfect way to appreciate the beauty of Chiang Mai’s local customs.

Shopping and Nightlife

Nimmanhaemin, often called Nimman, is a must-visit destination for shopping and nightlife in Chiang Mai. The area is known for its trendy boutiques, art galleries, and lively bars, catering to both foreigners and locals alike.

For shopping enthusiasts, Nimman offers a mix of high-end and local stores selling various items such as clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. Some popular shopping spots in the area include:

  • One Nimman: An upscale shopping mall with a range of international and local brands.
  • Think Park: A unique outdoor shopping complex featuring local designers and artisans.
  • Nimmanhaemin Art & Design Promenade: A street filled with art galleries, design studios, and creative shops.

As the sun sets, Nimmanhaemin comes to life with its vibrant nightlife scene. You can find a range of bars, pubs, and clubs along the main street and its alleys, catering to different tastes and preferences. Some recommended stops for a night out:

  • Warm Up Café: A popular hangout spot for both locals and tourists, offering live music and a lively atmosphere.
  • Infinity: A stylish rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the cityscape and a variety of cocktails.
  • Myst: An underground club featuring electronic dance music and an energetic crowd.

Additionally, Nimman’s diverse dining scene offers post-shopping and late-night dining options, with choices ranging from Thai street food to international cuisines.


Nimmanhaemin, a popular area in Chiang Mai, offers various accommodations to suit the needs and budgets of foreign travelers. From budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury boutique hotels, you can find a comfortable stay here.

Budget travelers can find numerous guesthouses and hostels in the area, offering dorm beds and private rooms at affordable prices. Some popular budget-friendly options include:

  • Hostel XYZ
  • Nimman Guesthouse
  • Cozy Corner

For a midrange budget, you can find comfortable boutique hotels and serviced apartments with additional amenities. Some popular mid-range options are:

  • Nimman Boutique Hotel
  • The Modern Suites
  • Bluebird Inn

If you are looking for a luxury experience, there are upscale hotels that offer top-notch services and facilities, such as:

  • Nimman Grande Hotel
  • Artisan Retreat
  • The Skyview Resort

Most accommodations in Nimmanhaemin are within walking distance from numerous cafes, art galleries, shopping centers, and a lively night scene. It is an ideal location for any traveler looking for a mix of culture, entertainment, and convenience.

Getting There and Around

Reaching Nimmanhaemin, a trendy and lively area in Chiang Mai, is quite simple. There are several transportation options available to foreign travelers.

From Chiang Mai International Airport, you can choose between:

  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available at the airport, and the fare to Nimmanhaemin is approximately 150-200 THB. They are metered, and the journey takes around 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Grab: Grab is a popular ride-hailing app in Thailand. Fares are similar to taxis, and the app offers the convenience of booking a ride directly from your phone.

If you’re already in Chiang Mai city center, transportation options include:

  • Songthaew (Red Truck): This shared taxi is a popular means of transportation within Chiang Mai, and the fare from the city center to Nimmanhaemin is around 30 THB per person.
  • Tuk Tuk: Though less frequent in the Nimmanhaemin area, tuk-tuks can still be found in the city center. They are more expensive than songthaews, but an enjoyable experience. Ensure you negotiate the fare before the ride.
  • Bicycle/Motorbike Rental: For those who prefer to explore on their own, renting a bicycle or motorbike is a great option. Prices range from 50-250 THB per day for bicycles and 150-500 THB per day for motorbikes, depending on the type and rental shop.

Once you’ve arrived in Nimmanhaemin, getting around is easy on foot or by using the aforementioned transportation options. The area is pedestrian-friendly, with numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops within walking distance.


Nimmanhaemin, often referred to as Nimman, has undoubtedly become one of Chiang Mai’s most vibrant and trendy areas to visit. With an array of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, visitors can spend days exploring the charming streets lined with modern and inventive establishments.

While in Nimman, don’t forget to take a stroll through its many galleries and art spaces, which showcase the diverse and thriving arts scene in Chiang Mai. For an authentic Thai experience, treat yourself to a traditional Thai massage or cooking class offered in the area.

As a visitor, you can feel the energetic atmosphere that makes Nimmanhaemin a must-visit destination in Chiang Mai. The blend of both modern culture and traditional roots creates a unique experience not to be missed out on. Enjoy your time in Nimman, and let it be a memorable part of your adventure!