Zipline in Chiang Mai: Top 5 Exhilarating Adventures for Thrill-Seekers

Ziplining in Chiang Mai has become a popular activity for thrill-seekers visiting Thailand. This beautiful city, known for its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage, offers numerous zipline adventures that cater to all ages and preferences. As you soar through the lush wilderness, experience the breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the surrounding landscape and admire the region’s vibrant flora and fauna.

Chiang Mai boasts some of the longest and highest ziplines in Asia, with many adventure parks providing diverse zipline experiences. Notably, Skyline Jungle Luge and Skyline Adventure Zipline are popular choices among visitors for their exhilarating rides and impressive 28-line and 24-line courses, respectively. Combining the adrenaline rush with an immersive encounter with nature, ziplining in Chiang Mai is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss.

Top Zipline Attractions in Chiang Mai

Flight of the Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon is one of the most renowned zipline attractions in Chiang Mai. Known for its thrilling zipline courses and stunning forest views, this adventure park offers an exciting experience for visitors. With over 33 platforms, there is no shortage of excitement.

While taking part in this zipline adventure, keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife that inhabits the surrounding rainforest. As safety is a top priority at Flight of the Gibbon, guests can expect well-maintained equipment and professional guides.

Jungle Flight

Jungle Flight is another popular zipline attraction situated in the beautiful Doi Saket mountains in Chiang Mai. Offering a multitude of zipline courses, Jungle Flight provides participants with a adrenaline-filled adventure, making it an ideal choice for thrill-seekers.

Visitors to Jungle Flight can also indulge in other activities such as waterfall trekking and abseiling. With knowledgeable instructors guiding participants, this zipline park is a must-visit attraction for anyone looking to experience the breathtaking beauty of Chiang Mai from a new perspective.

Eagle Track

Eagle Track Zipline offers an exhilarating and affordable experience for adventure enthusiasts. With a range of packages to choose from, visitors can enjoy ziplining on 15 to 35 platforms, depending on the chosen package. The park also offers additional activities and includes meals for a complete outdoor adventure.

A committed eco-friendly park, Eagle Track features an on-site waterfall, as well as a strong focus on preserving the natural beauty of Chiang Mai. For visitors looking for an action-packed experience that is both thrilling and environmentally conscious, Eagle Track Zipline is the perfect choice.

Safety Precautions


When ziplining in Chiang Mai, it is essential to use high-quality equipment to ensure your safety. Most zipline operators provide necessary gear such as harnesses, helmets, carabiners, and gloves. Additionally, operators like Skyline Adventure and Flight of the Gibbon frequently inspect and maintain their equipment to meet safety standards, providing you with confidence as you embark on your adventure.


It is crucial to follow the guidelines provided by the zipline operators. Some general rules include wearing appropriate footwear with good grip, not carrying loose items, and adhering to weight limits. Additionally, operators may have specific guidelines for their particular course, such as restrictions for pregnant women, people with heart conditions, or those with mobility limitations. These guidelines are in place to ensure your safety and enjoyment while ziplining in Chiang Mai.


Zipline courses in Chiang Mai, such as Jungle Flight and Flight of the Gibbon, employ experienced and trained staff to supervise and assist you during your adventure. They will provide thorough briefings to ensure you understand the safety procedures and will accompany you through the course, offering guidance and support when needed. This supervision adds an extra layer of safety to your zipline experience in Chiang Mai.

Booking Your Zipline Adventure

Chiang Mai offers several exciting zipline adventures for tourists, each providing a unique experience amidst the lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes of the region.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time for ziplining in Chiang Mai is during the cooler months between November and February. The weather is comfortable, and the jungle is lush and vibrant during this period, making for an enjoyable experience. However, please note that this is also the high tourist season, so booking in advance is recommended to secure your spot.

Prices and Packages

Chiang Mai offers various zipline packages, making it easy for travelers to find one that suits their budget and preferences. Some popular options include:

  • Zipline Chiang Mai: Up to 25% off when booking online, with prices starting at around 1,500 THB, featuring a 400-metre long zipline and a heart-warming buffet.
  • Skyline Adventure: See their website for prices, which offers 38 platforms, 21 ziplines, a 15-meter Abseil, 5 Sky-bridges, 6 Staircases, and a Giant Swing.
  • Jungle Flight Zipline Roller Coaster: Prices starting from US$ 85.59 per person, with a 5.5-hour experience, including pickup from your accommodation.
  • Skyline Adventure Zipline: Located in the Doi Saket mountains, offering 24 different ziplines, including a 900-meter long zipline. Check their website for pricing details.

Always verify the most current prices and packages on the respective websites before making your booking. Additionally, consider the experience, safety measures, and reviews of each company to enhance your zipline adventure in Chiang Mai.

Getting to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination in Thailand, known for its beautiful temples, rich culture, and thrilling zipline adventures. There are several ways to reach Chiang Mai from various locations, both domestic and international. We will explore the various options for getting to Chiang Mai by air, bus, and train.

By Air

Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) is the main gateway to the city and serves numerous domestic and international flights. Airlines such as AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, and Thai Smile operate flights from Bangkok, which take approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. Direct international flights are available from cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong.

Booking your flight tickets in advance can help you find better deals and save on your trip expenses. You can compare ticket prices using popular travel websites like Skyscanner or Kayak.

By Bus

Long-distance buses connect Chiang Mai to other major cities in Thailand, such as Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya. The journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus takes approximately 10-12 hours. There are different types of buses available, with varying levels of comfort and amenities, including air-conditioned, VIP, and sleeper coaches.

You can purchase bus tickets at the bus station or book them online through websites like 12Go or Thailand State Railway Transport.

By Train

Trains from Bangkok to Chiang Mai offer an enjoyable and scenic journey through the Thai countryside. The trip takes around 12-15 hours, and there are several daily train services available. Travelers can choose from various classes, such as second-class air-conditioned sleeper cars or third-class fan-cooled seats.

To book train tickets, you can visit the online booking website of the State Railway of Thailand or purchase them at the train station. It’s advisable to reserve tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.